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The page you are reading will live and breathe with an ever-expanding collection of the finest this blog has to offer, as I endeavor to bring you the best information on street photography and photography in general from my own experience and from around the internet.

Welcome to David K. Sutton Photography Blog, a website about photography, for aspiring photographers. Hello, my name is David K. Sutton, and I’m a street and fine art photographer based in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Visit my bio page to learn more about my passion for photography. And feel free to add a comment at the bottom of this page.

This photography blog is not only dedicated to improving your camera skills, it is also dedicated to improving mine. We always have something to learn, and this blog is the impetus, the motivation, to always strive to improve my craft. Hopefully somewhere along the way you will learn something too.

On this blog you will have access to my thoughts on street photography, general advice for aspiring photographers, helpful tips and techniques, musings on camera gear and creative ideas, and yes, there will be a smidgen of commentary on the human condition.

So let’s get started.


No photography blog would be complete without mention of camera gear. I’ve listed a few of my favorite pieces of gear below, while the rest can be found here: The Obligatory ‘My Camera Gear’ Blog Post

Nikon D7100 – I guess you could call this my “main” camera. It is definitely the best camera I own. Good images up to ISO 6400 and 24 megapixels for your cropping pleasure.

AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED – What can I say, this is a damn expensive lens. It’s a so-called “pro” lens, Nikon gold ring and all. So does it perform? You betcha. Some might ask why I would put this lens on a DX camera body, but I wanted a really good prime lens with great low-light capability in a traditional street photography focal length. On a crop sensor camera body, this lens has a 36mm equivalent field of view, putting it real close to the classic 35mm street photography focal length. But of course it has the added benefit of the wide depth of field you’d expect from a 24mm lens, which is also great for street photography.

BlackRapid RS-7 Camera Strap – (Read my RS-7 review) – This strap is a back-saver. I was tired of having a stiff neck and aching back when on multi-hour photography outings. This sling-style camera strap helps alleviate those problems.


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