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Redbubble: Giving This Artist Community Another Look

Redbubble is not just another online place to showcase and sell your photography portfolio or your digital art, it is also a social media platform created by artists, for artists. I joined Redbubble in January 2011, uploaded a dozen photos, and then pretty much forgot about it. But in the three years since, I’ve managed to sell a couple of cards, a few prints, and just this week, a framed print. It was this most recent sale that got me motivated to take another look at Redbubble, update my profile, and upload more of my photographs.


I now have nearly 40 photos uploaded to Redbubble, including 8 (as of writing) select street photography photos, the first time I’ve made any candids available for sale. Most of the fine art photos that I’ve uploaded to Redbubble can also be found for sale on my Smugmug page, although a few unique photos are available exclusively on Redbubble.

From this moment forward I plan to be more active within the Redbubble community, discovering works from other photographers, and getting some insight into their techniques and processes. I also plan to buy some artwork from other artists for my walls. In fact, I have a growing list of “favorites.”

What makes Redbubble special is the community of fellow photographers and artists. With my admittedly limited experience so far, Redbubble just seems more supportive of artists and their creative endeavors than other online galleries. It seems the enthusiasm and spunk so evident in how Redbubble is operated is infectious, attracting likeminded individuals to show their work, and participate and encourage others. But I will also be playing around with other online services. In addition to my longstanding Flickr page, I will be participating in the launch of Crated, and I just started building my profile page today after receiving my invite. Crated is a new online artist community that looks to compete with Redbubble. So stay tuned for more information about that.

Please check out my Redbubble profile, and if you are a photographer, give Redbubble a try.

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David K. Sutton Photography Supports The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

When I launched the new website for David K. Sutton Photography, I wanted to add a feature that allowed me to give back to the community. I chose to support The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia not only because they are a part of the fabric of my hometown, but also because there is a personal connection.

In 2012 my grandfather passed away, and it wasn’t until after his passing that I learned he was a supporter of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), to which he donated regularly. When deciding which local charity to support with my new photography website, I kept coming back to this personal connection. So to continue a family tradition, consider this blog post to by my word and my pledge. I will donate 10% of the proceeds of each David K. Sutton Photography sale to CHOP in support of their leadership in pediatric medicine, and in honor of my late grandfather.

photo © The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

For over 150 years Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been a world leader in pediatric care. Parents from all stretches of the globe come to CHOP knowing their child will get quality care from the best physicians.

At The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, every specialty is our specialty. Whether your child is born with a congenital disorder or has developed a complex medical condition, you’ll find answers, treatment and support here. A combination of world-renowned physicians, groundbreaking research and ongoing partnerships with families allows us to make life-changing innovations possible for sick children. Everyday. What’s unique about Children’s Hospital is our collaboration: Many experts in many specialties, all in one place. Together, we provide the best care for your child and the most comprehensive support for your family.

Beyond my pledge, if you want to take it a step further, you can help support CHOP by visiting my fundraising page and donating whatever you can towards my fundraising goal for 2014.

So here’s you chance to purchase fine art photography for your living room, your den, or your office, knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go to a good cause.

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