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Philadelphia Street Photography – Happy Hour

Philadelphia Street Photography - 0986

I guess you can call this “happy hour” in Center City Philadelphia. I love some of the expressions here. The guy with the hat and the glass is the star of the show, but I also like the guy with the beard to the left and the woman just beyond the guy with the hat. The look on her face is interesting. She clearly finds something amusing with this street scene, and considering I moved through this scene multiple times before taking this photo, I can fully understand her expression. It was a curious and lively crowd to say the least. But I can’t forget to mention the young man in the foreground, and I like that the depth of field in this shot puts him slightly out of focus, detaching him from the scene. The guy with the hat is the star, but the young man with his back to the camera is the mystery.

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Pictures, Not Words

Pictures, Not Words - Louis I. Kahn Park, Philadelphia, PA

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then the dictionary is wholly inadequate to account for what I can see.

Photo taken on Saturday, March 15, 2014 – Louis I. Kahn Park – 328 S 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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