A collection of street and candid photography, principally from the streets of Philadelphia, and presented mostly in black and white.

Why black and white? — There’s endless debate on this topic, and solid reasons for choosing color or black and white. And while I do not believe all street photography need be black and white (you will see the occasional color photo in this collection), by presenting street and candid photography without color, I believe it focuses the viewer’s attention on the raw emotion, the human spirit, and the grittiness of the urban landscape. By removing colorful distractions, I believe black and white photography can reveal the essence of the human condition. Yes, black and white is a form of abstraction, but I think the subtle shades of grey and the strong contrasts put the viewer in a state of time/location displacement. If done right, and with a compelling and interesting composition, the black and white street photograph gives us a “fill in the blanks” style of storytelling that is both a moment in time and timeless.

Available for sale on my Redbubble page is a small subset of my Philadelphia street photography. But if you see anything here you’d like to purchase that is not currently available, I do take requests! Just click the Contact link in the menu above to send your request. Thank you.